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New book by Joe McNally

You know the Mcnally is one of my favourite photography author. he provides good, sound advice and his style makes him a fun read. He just released this new book: Guide to Digital Photography (here on This promises one … Continue reading

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Camera Lens Basics – A Newbie Photographer’s Guide To Lenses

The folks at Photofocus just posted this intro to lenses. Since I do not consider myself a pro or anything close to it, I read it and I thought that it deserved sharing with you guys. Camera Lens Basics – … Continue reading

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Kata Owl-272 DL Camera Bag

You guys know that I am a Nikon fan. OK, Mac fan too 🙂 And if you have read my post “My summer as a photographer“, you also know that I am a Kata camera bag fan. Kata just came … Continue reading

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10 iPad Observations | The Digital Photo Experience

Jeremy Pollack, shares his experience using the iPad. If I may add or comment, I would say 1: Yes, getting online anytime anywhere is just too awesom 2: I use it as much as I thought that I would 3: … Continue reading

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Creating an iPad-Ready Auto-iTunes-Syncing iBook in Aperture

The fun about photography is that it is sort of like an endless pit of things that one can do. once you have taken your pics, you can process them, rate them, tag them, post them, etc… If (when!) I … Continue reading

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Acer: iPad Share Of Market Headed Down

Last week, I saw a post about how Asus was loosing market share since the release of the iPad by Apple. And this week, it’s about Acer going south. It is not that I rejoice seeing those guys being hit … Continue reading

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World’s First Digital Camera Used Cassette-Tapes for Storage

This is too funny, yet it is not a joke! The first digital camera used cassette tapes to store pictures! I hope that their tape system was better than the one I had on the first computer I owned, a … Continue reading

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