My photo rating system

I recently decided to create a rating system to which I will adhere to. Here’s what I was thinking of.

0 (no stars): Not classified yet. This is the obvious of newly imported pics – and old ones I still have to get to 😦

1: A keeper, probably because the moment or the location brings fond memories, but no more (actually, the pics I keep all have a minimum of 1 star). For example a location shot, a group picture, etc.

2: A nice pic, a notch above a “keeper”. Maybe the composition is better or the moment is “magic”, but still not yet there. Could be posted online to Facebook or Flickr.

3: This pic is worth posting online and sharing with friends and family. You like this pic. Composition is good, lighting is good.

4: This is an awesome picture. Something oh so close to perfection. Definite portfolio material. You are proud of this pic and people say “ahh” when they look at it.

5: Out of this world. You might not have many of these in your library. Actually, it is ok if you do not have any yet. The moment is perfect, the focus is accurate, the noise is inexistent. So much fun to watch at.

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