Nikon Announces Four New SLR Lenses

If you are a Nikon user (and fan like me!), this is some big news!

First, an incredibly affordable zoom lens, the 55-300 VR at $400. If you are looking for cheap lens, this could be it! Lets hope this is not a typo!

Then, the relatively fast zoom lens (f4) at a great price, the 24-120 f4. OK, I would have priced it at $999, but Nikon is close enough anyways at $1,050. Could be good for sports, although a little short on the zoom.

The one that I think will be popular is the 28-300 f3.5-f5.6 at $1,300. Imagine 10x range! It could become the best walk around lens of all, although I would not trade my 18-200 for the wider angle it provides.

Last but not least is the prime lens 85mm f1.4. I repeat f1.4! Hello bokeh for portraits or flower photography! I will grant you that at $1,700 it is not in everybody’s budget.

Nikon Announces Four New SLR Lenses | Gadget Lab |

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