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13 Photography Lighting Video Tutorials

With the Christmas season fast approaching (yes, I am talking about Christmas already), I have been asked to do some family portraits… and I think that I am way over my head here. Never done it before, don’t have the … Continue reading

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What’s is in your bag?

A friend of mine, who is more than a simple enthusiast like me, just sent over to me his “what is in my mag” list. Check it out, it is insane LOL. Canon Photographic Equipment: Body: EOS 3 EOS 1D … Continue reading

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Nikon D7000 & Aperture 3 Raw Support

There is an interesting thread that has been going on on about Aperture’s RAW support for the upcoming Nikon D7000. As opposed to Windows or even to some other Mac software like Adobe Lightroom 3 for Mac, Aperture’s RAW … Continue reading

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Dropbox Opens App Showcase

I have been using Evernote (for ever) on my iPhone, my iPad, my work PC and my home iMac. I just can’t live without it. Evernote recently came  out with their Trunk apps directory. This really positions Evernote as a … Continue reading

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab pricing problem Samsung has done a pretty good job so far…

It is not often that I blog about the iPad. When I do, I normally try to tie this in with the photography theme. I am sharing this one on about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab. When I saw … Continue reading

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Understanding flash a little better

I recently wrote about my flash misteps. This post on the  ESFotoClix Blog is quite demonstrative of the impact of aperture, speed and flash power. Hey, even I could “get” it 🙂 Understanding flash a little better « ESFotoClix Blog.

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Photographers and the Search for the Holy Bag

You guys know that I love Joe McNally as an author of great photo books.  So I subscribed to his blog a while back.  You also know that I love photo bags. I think that I have more bags than … Continue reading

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