Dropbox Opens App Showcase

I have been using Evernote (for ever) on my iPhone, my iPad, my work PC and my home iMac. I just can’t live without it. Evernote recently came  out with their Trunk apps directory. This really positions Evernote as a platform of choice.

But Evernote is not perfect, and does not fulfill all my needs. As an enthusiast photographer (and as a self proclaimed geek!), I wish that I could have some form of online storage for my pics as backup when I am on the road. Also, I am looking at better sync between my PCs and my iDevices.

This is why I also have been using Dropbox for quite some time (yes, on the iPhone, iPad, work and home too). They too just recently announced their apps directory – and they got tons too!

Check it out.

Go Wireless: Dropbox Opens App Showcase | Gadget Lab | Wired.com.

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