Nikon D7000 & Aperture 3 Raw Support

There is an interesting thread that has been going on on about Aperture’s RAW support for the upcoming Nikon D7000. As opposed to Windows or even to some other Mac software like Adobe Lightroom 3 for Mac, Aperture’s RAW file support in based in the Mac operating system (OS).

The problem is, sure you can get your hands on a brand new D7000 in October, but you won’t be able to (easily) import your RAW files in AP3.

Who is to blame? Nikon for changing their RAW file format (not the same as the D90’s format) or for not using the “open standard” DNG? Or Apple for not updating the OS fast enough (although we do have to give the Apple guys a break, the camera is not even out yet)?

I can hear my LR3 friend laughing their heads off (Salut Jeff)…

D7000 & Ap3: Mac Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review.

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