CameraSync: The iPad Killer App for Photographers?

From time to time comes an application so great that people start buying the computer.

Killer apps have actually existed way before PCs were invented!

I can think of the Michelin guide. You are all familiar with the drab green covers of the tourism guide that Michelin is world famous for. You might have wondered why would a tire company get into the book publishing business, tourism books of them all!?

The simple is answer is: to sell more tires!

The more you wanted to visit destinations proposed by the Michelin guides, the more you would burn the rubber on those tires.

Michelin guides were a killer app for tires.

In the PC world, we can recall how VisiCalc made a with the Apple IIs. Remember how the RadioShack TRS-80 became so popular with journalists for their portability and built-in modems. Or how about Aldus PageMaker or Adobe Illustrator for early Macs.

And who can forget Lotus 1-2-3 for the IBM PC. 1-2-3 was maybe the first blockbuster killer app, the Wayne Gretzky of all killer apps.

This week, I might have landed the iPad killer app for photographers:  CameraSync for iPad.

You may ask, how can a $1.99 app be a killer app? The answer is in the problem it solves!

Although Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook might not think of the iPad as a mobile device, as a photographer I bring my iPad on all shoots I do. It is much more mobile that any laptop. So much so that I sold my Kata 3N1-20 bag to get the Kata 3N1-22 version with a sliding pocket for my iPad.

As a mobile device, my iPad serves for proofing and is also a great device to show off your “iPolaroids prints” to your friends and family. It also serves as a mobile back-up unit.


This is where CameraSync comes into play!

As I have previously highlighted on my blog here, or on, you can not write to a SD card with the camera connection kit. This limits you in many ways.

Now with CameraSync, you can sync all you pics from your iPad to your DropBox account (or your FTP or a few more options). And it works like magic :-).

CameraSync allows me to complete my work flow of “shoot-import to iPad-edit-back up off iPad-retrieve on iMac”.

If you do not have DropBox yet, then get it now and please use my referral code: you get an extra free 250MB and I get it too :-).

For photographers, CameraSync is the killer app I had been waiting for.

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