Looking back on 2010: Top Ten Loves and Hates

Thomas Fitzgerald reflects on 2010 with his top ten loves and hates. Since I did not do mine, I will “steal” from him 😉

My loves:

1) iPad!

2) Kindle for iPad

3) Reeder for iPad

4) Apple TV

5) CameraSync

Comments on Thomas’ other loves:

Blueair? I am fortunate enough not to suffer from a respiratory disorder like he does.

Flipboard? Cool, really cool, but not worthy (for me) for a “most revolutionary iPad app of 2010” award.

Nespresso? I too love coffee. Maybe I should try this machine. Then again, I have a limited budget to spend on gadgets.

Fringe? I don’t watch TV enough. Still have Lost Season 4 to finish.

Instapaper? OK OK, I will give it another try (a third one I think).

Tumblr? I had heard about this. Will surely give it a try!

iPhone 4? OK, maybe I should have put that in my 2010 best-of.

My Hates:

1) Adobe. Come on guys, make Flash work on the iPad. Stop complaining.

2) Firefox. I know this is a biggy to post here. I used to be a huge FF fan until Chrome came out. Could not believe how faster Chrome was at loading pages and starting up. Mozilla, you have to make FF the best browser – again.

3) My camera gear budget. Yes, we always want more of that LOL.

Comments on Thomas’ other hates:
Canon 5D? I am not a Canon user. Nevertheless, I am surprised. Or maybe not since the Nikon D7000 also has some serious issues.

Aperture? 3.0 buggy? Not for me. 3.1 faster? Still not for me. So, maybe a mixed bag here.

Cell phone? Always too expensive. Even here in Québec.

Syfy Channel? Again, I don’t watch enough TV.

Private health Care in Ireland? Can’t comment. But don’t get me started on the health care in Québec which was supposed to be the number 1 priority of all other priorities of the Liberal government when they came to power years ago.

Nice Intl Airport? Hum, I was playing a trip to Italy and was thinking of landing there. May need to revise.

Tumblr outages? What about Facebook’s?

Tech press? As printed or online press concentrate in the hands of only a few, quality will go down.

Google? Interesting comments from Thomas here. Is Google becomingthe Microsoft of the 2010s?

MacWorld UK? Or anywhere else for that matter!

Looking back on 2010: My Top Ten Loves and Hates | thomas fitzgerald.net.

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