Wedding Photography

Wedding photography: kind of a new subject of interest to me. Main reason of the new interest is that I am (well, “we are”) getting married this year.

However new it is, it is not like I never shot a wedding before. Last one was this summer at my cousin’s wedding.

As I was not the main photog, I took the liberty to take some “off shots”, if that is the proper expression. Sure, I took pics of the two stars of the day, but the main photographer had that as her main mandate. So, I took the other pics – and I took some pics while the photographer was recharging her batteries (no comment!).

Speaking of, this shot (a classic setting!) was taken when batteries were recharging. OK, there is no post processing on this one and next time that I frame this setting I will make sure that lamp posts are not part of the pic 😉 Nevertheless a nice one if cropped square.

I much prefer this next one. It marks a “moment” and has some “emotions”. Something that one most really aim for when shooting “life events” like this one.

The fun part about not being the “official guy on duty” is that I could take pics of people around the event. I particularly like this one of my spouse sitting right besides me. A little too much shadow under the hat, ok. I did not want to use flash during the event as to not throw off balance the main photog. But fill flash would have been a must here.

My favorite one is probably this one of a young kid blowing bubbles as the newly wed were passing by – or actually playing some more with the bubbles once they were gone :-).


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