Reconfiguring my Kata 3N1-22 bag

I am preparing for a snow trek this weekend in the country side and I wanted to bring all my lenses in my bag for all possible situations: landscape, birds, portraits in the snow, etc…

The three lenses I want to carry are:

  • Walk-around all purpose Nikon 18-200mm VR II;
  • Birding long zoom range Sigma 150-500 OS HSM;
  • Landscape ultra wide angle Sigma 8-16 HSM.

I have two Kata bags, the 3N1-22 and the DR-467i. I use the first one as my storage and ready-to-go bag and the second one mostly as my laptop backpack to go to work.

The first time I went trekking, I brought the DR-467i as it carries more. (Oh, ok, you might argue that Walt Disney is not trekking, but you get the idea I hope LOL).

Then one day this summer I took my 3N1-22 on my bike to capture churches around Montreal. I normally carry it in sling mode but that day on my bike I used the “cross your heart” configuration. Fits tighter as you move. And I loved it.

I had never tried to fit my Sigma birding lens in my 3N1-22 because it is a biggy. You might have hear the “BigmaOS” nickname for it.

Then I decided to think outside the box.

What if I decided not to slide my camera perpendicular to the bag like in all suggested storage configuration as in this picture:

Why? Because it blocks the length that I need to store my Sigma 150-500.

So I removed all those yellow velcro panels and kept one long one parallel to the the length (or height) of the bag. Thus splitting the bag in half.

This way the long lens fits! Tight, but it fits without stretching.

Now all I need to do is store my D90 with the attached 18-200 lens “upwards” instead of “across”.

I will post a pic of the config. Promised!

All in all this goes to prove that the Kata bags are just awesome and that they are very versatile.

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One Response to Reconfiguring my Kata 3N1-22 bag

  1. Eve says:

    May I know where’s the picture as promised 🙂

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