About to shoot family portraits

Tomorrow, I will shoot my first “contract”. I say this with some detachment and reserve. Sure, I will get a little money for this, but I will have way more fun out of this than anything else.

The “clients” are friends for whom I had taken pictures at Christmas time. I guess that they really liked what I did because they asked for more! They were also so easy to shoot. Great subjects.

So, in preparation for this, I bought a muslin backdrop, actually two, one black, one white. Also got a couple of light bulb holders that can be affixed to flash tripods. I plan to use these with four 150 watts.

As for my two wireless speed lights, one a Nikon SB 900 the other a Sigma EF 530 DG, I plan to use them for fill on the sides (or backs) of my subjects. I think that this will be required as they will be a family of five. So a somewhat large group.

Batteries are recharged, ShutterSnitch properly configured to receive JPGs only, dry run done two weeks ago. All system are go :).

Pics to be posted. I promise.

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