Photoshop for iPad Live Demo

I am not a PhotoShop geek. Gosh, I barely know how to use the brush tool :). This demo of PhotoShop for iPad looks like real coooool and very promissing.

Photoshop for iPad Live Demo.

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2 Responses to Photoshop for iPad Live Demo

  1. Linda W says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    I doubt if working on the iPad will be as practical as using a computer with keyboard, tho’ I love my iPad for its portabiliity. It’ll be good to be able to Photoshop while on the go.

  2. maximegousse says:

    @Linda, it could indeed be “interesting”. However, I think this is “at most”. What I really long for is a mobile version of Aperture or Lightroom. I think that tagging, rating and “gps-ing” is more appropriate for on the go jobs.

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