Aperture’s issue with accented characters

Michael from Campanella.se posts this issue with Aperture and accented letters in Swedish.

I have a similar problem with French accented letters. Say that I tag a friend’s name (“Étienne” was one in particular) in Faces. I can not build a smart album with all “Étienne” I had to rename him “Etienne” for it to work.

I do not know if it is because of accented capital letters or not. It could be since we Québécois do mark capital letters with accents while French (from France) do not.

I will try and will get back to you.

via Aperture, Swedish characters, & the web » Michael Campanella Fotograf.

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2 Responses to Aperture’s issue with accented characters

  1. Could you update the url to this: http://www.campanella.se/blog/aperture-swedish-characters-the-web/

    The version you have in your post is broken.


  2. maximegousse says:


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