My first “professional” shoot: Part II, The pictures

As I wrote in Part I of this post, I received an email a few weeks after Christmas from a friend of a friend, asking me to take studio pics of her spouse and their three ones. Not big money, not the intent actually, but enough to justify buying a muslin backdrop to enhance my studio kit.

In Part I, I explained my home studio setup in the dinning area. Lights, flashes, props, etc. Although I posted a number of pictures, I have reserved here the actual photoshoot pics.

At the end of the day, I have a number of shots that I am proud of.

The first one was setup, designed, planned for. One of the last shots too actually. Standing on a chair (obviously), this one is shot from above. All subjects looking at me. I guess this worked as a shot because by then they really were into it, trusted me, they liked what I was taking as pics (at least those they could see on the iPad).

Photoshoot Louise Jean-Pierre Mars 2011- (291).jpg

Family picture shot from chair

Another one I really like is the “star” picture. No, not “fashion star” rather “star in the sky” :-). How would you call this position anyways? Pentagon? Again, it is more a question of the moment than actually photographic quality.

Photoshoot Louise Jean-Pierre Mars 2011- (200).jpg
A family of stars

Then there is the picture of Louise. The way she looked at the camera was just great. I may sound tacky, but I kind of felt what fashion photographers always tell you about, that they and the model truly “connected”. She really was giving herself to the camera. Thanks Louise.

Photoshoot Louise Jean-Pierre Mars 2011- (144).jpg

Before I give you my favorite pic, I will go with a blooper.

One of shot we wanted to take when we reviewed the list in living room was a picture of the three kids leaning on their elbows with the parents behind. As I was myself crawling down on the floor to be at their level for the picture, I pulled on the dinning room curtains and actually ripped them from the pole. Big boo-boo as we are still without curtains today LOL.

However the pic is something, or so I think. First the expression is obviously of laughter and surprise from the subjects. But what I like is the way the light falls on the subjects, not being shielded anymore by the curtain. It gives this “stripes effect” that we all have seen or heard of in photography books discussing lighting.

Photoshoot Louise Jean-Pierre Mars 2011- (108).jpg
Family seeing my blooper

My favourite was actually unplanned. It was a precious moment in time that got captured.

The kids were told to bring something that represents them. They all replied with “My DS”. So, I had to take some pics with their Nintendo DS games. The first few ones were so-so. Then the magic moment happened.

As they were playing they positioned themselves to be more comfortable. I then saw three planes being formed, three levels of depth. The stuff they teach you to “see” in all good composition books. I got lucky and I took the picture. Well, lucky, yes, but I did also recognize the moment as it happened. So, I asked the kids to look at the camera. Here’s the shot I took.

Photoshoot Louise Jean-Pierre Mars 2011- (243).jpg
Three kids, three DS, three planes

All in all, for a first shoot, I think that my “customers” were happy. As for me, well, let’s just say that if “experience is the sum of our errors” (an old saying from one of the first bosses I had), then I am much more experienced today :-).

But really, a photoshoot like this one could not have been done without my “lovely assistant”. My spouse was just awesome at helping me get all my ducks in a row so that all I pretty much had to do was to shoot. Although, I did have to remind my friends to look at the photographer (me!) while she was giving positional instructions :-).

Sylvie, my love, thank you so much for being there and making this shoot so fun to do.

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