Pictures in Venice

Venice, so crowed in so many places yet intimate in as many places. We loved taking a left turn (or right but surely not straight) where locals would walk towards with their grocery bags. It is where we would discover the most quaint areas, “campo” et “calle”.

I never took as many vertical pictures with all those canals and alleys.

I also made wide use of my wide angle (ok, pun intended). St-Marc place, of course, but so many other churches as well.

We had such beautiful weather (sunny, no clouds) that, combined with the water reflections everywhere, I often had to under expose by 1/3 or 2/3 of a stop.

Last note: I was glad to remember to use the pop-up flash as fill flash. There is something I did not quite get with this however. In order not to over expose, I had to force under exposure by 3 full stops with the flash down by one. More learnings to do 🙂





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