Migrating from Aperture to Lightroom?

Those reading my blog know that I am a fan of Aperture.

The original reason behind that choice was the integration of Aperture with the iLife suite, especially iWeb. However, iWeb is at the end of its life. As I write this post, I am actually looking for its venerable replacement. More on this topic later.

Since I selected Aperture, another element came into play: the iPad.

Yes, although it is an Apple product like Aperture, the workflow from the iPad to Aperture is not clean. I have repeated issues (here and here) importing pics from the iPad into Aperture.

The real pain however is the complete workflow from iPad to AP. I have long dreamed of a mobile version of Aperture. I know it will come soon. iOS 5 will solve some of the pain (with folders for one).

But maybe too little too late.

What might decide me is apps like FilterStorm Pro or PhotoSmith, a true mobile version of LR.

I have downloaded the trial version of LR3, I have exported my AP masters and I have started to work with LR.

There are a number of things that I like from the get go (how about the great noise reduction right inside LR – no plugins!). There will be a ton of things that will be frustrating.

And of course tons of questions regarding migration (like, do I need to keep and those JPGs that AP exported alongside the NEF files?).

So, what will I miss most? What will I like best?

So, stay tuned…

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