My second summer as a photographer: an Italian vacation – Part VI


This is the story of my latest Italian (and French) vacations. This is part 6 of 6:

Travel Applications and Workflow On The Go

If you read this blog from time to time, you know that before being an enthusiast photographer, I was (and still am) a computer geek. Actually, this is what led me to photography as it being another gadget to play with :-).

During my trip to Italy, I used a number of apps on my iPhone and iPad that I thought I would share with you.

First and foremost, CityMaps2Go for iPhone & iPad. The app is $2.99, at that price a steal! You can download maps of pretty much any cities, towns and villages in the world and using your iDevice GPS capabilities, locate yourself anywhere. Add to this a list of nearby points of interests (POIs) and you are good to go.

Prior to departing, I did a little research for an affordable 3G plan with a fairly good coverage. Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) offers a €25 SIM card made for iPad that offers 1 GB of data for 30 days. This was one of the cheapest things I bought in Europe where everything else seems like double the prices at home. Another no brainer.

That 3G data plan also allowed me to check some addresses on Google Maps from time to time when I could not find it in CityMaps2Go.

With data activated on my iPad, I was able to upload pictures to Facebook on a daily basis. This allowed our friends and family members at home to follow us and somewhat share our trip. I know that we made a few of them day dream…

To upload my pics, I first used Photogene. I normally use it as a light editing app on my iPad. Its Facebook upload function is however limited. It did not allow me to create a particular album (e.g. “Venice pics”) and could only upload to an existing album. Also, the process was slow and prone to timeouts or incomplete uploads from time to time.

I then bought iLoader for Facebook. Baaaaaaaad!

PhotoLoader HD is a much better app. It is fast and allows me to create albums. I wished however that I could see the full pic instead of just a thumbnail of it when selecting which ones to upload. It should better utilize the large screen of the iPad.

This inability to see the pic at full resolution made for an awkward workflow. Once my pics were on the iPad, I needed to open the Photo app, and write down on a piece of paper the number of each picture that I wanted to upload. Then, back in PhotoLoader, select it. I am sure that there are betters apps out there, just did get around to it.

The Facebook sharing was lots of fun nevertheless. Our “fans” quickly became addicts of our posts. Being six hours ahead, we could post our pics of the day late afternoon Montréal time so our friends could comment on them once back at home. And the next morning, reading their comments and adding ours was pretty much the first thing we did during breakfast. Fun!

I was impressed to see that my iPad could contain 3,754 RAW pics. Oh and that is on top of the six movies I had rented on iTunes. Towards the end, I did have to delete some applications to make some room (and 2 of the movie rentals did expire). Nevertheless impressed.

I do not know if next time around I will leave my HyperDrive for iPad at home. Probably not, for the simple reason that my iPad was always with me while the HyperDrive stayed in the hotel room. Separating your SD cards from your backup device makes for “best practice” back up management. Otherwise, I do not have much to add about the HyperDrive. It performed flawlessly as you would expect from a back up device.

My only rant about my iPad is its syncing bug. Like last year I was unable to sync my pics to Aperture. I have not yet abandoned and I will find a way to make it happen.

In conclusion, bring your iPad, get a 3G model, and share your pics 🙂

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10 Responses to My second summer as a photographer: an Italian vacation – Part VI

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  3. CM Fox says:

    This is helpful thanks for posting. We’re to Italy for the first time. Do I buy the sim card once in Italy or can I buy it ahead of time over the internet. And…..will this sim card work on an iPad 1…somewhere I read the sim cards need to be cut smaller to fit an iPad?….

    Thanks CM Fox

  4. maximegousse says:

    Hey CM,

    I bought my SIM card at a local Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) store for around €25 for a 1GB plan that is good for 30 days. The SIM fired my iPad 1 without any tweaking required. I was impressed that TIM has a plan (and a little package) that is directly targeted at iPad users like us. And cheap too, cheaper than my Rogers plan here in Canada.

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  6. klaus says:

    I often traveled to and thru Italy but i never bought any TIM card for 3G/ UMTS for any device. Normaly we always had free WfFI connection in all hotels we booked. So easy and very fast Internet connection was normal !
    When i see some of your Italy pictures, i feel i have to publish some of my own too…..


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