21 Reasons to Use Lightroom

Hearing that I am thinking of moving from Aperture to Lightroom, a friend of mine sent me this post on the 21 good reasons to use LR3. You guessed it, he uses Lightroom.

This is not a comparison of LR3 vs. AP3. No way. Actually all 21 reasons apply equally well to LR3 and AP3.

It simply is the 21 good reasons why someone should use a Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool like LR or AP to manage their picture library.

21 Reasons to Use Lightroom | PhotographyBLOG.

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One Response to 21 Reasons to Use Lightroom

  1. EternalForms says:

    There are a lot of reasons to use Lightroom. You can pick up the education copy of it for $80 if someone in your family has a current school ID. Also, “Perfect Layers” just came out – a plug-in for Lightroom. It allows the user to do a lot of what previously could only be done in Photoshop.

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