Photosmith app for iPad: first impressions

I have longed for a mobile version of Aperture on my iPad. So much so that I decided to switch to Lightroom.

Actually, I should say that I did find that mobile application for my iPad and it called Photosmith by C² Enterprises.

I just completed my first end-to-end workflow and I would like to share some notes. Hot off the stove :-).

First of all, the word “completed” is important here as I was never able to sync my pictures on the iPad with Aperture or the Image Capture utility. The process would always time out and I had to resort to importing from the SD card as a workaround.

The draw back of this workaround is that I would re-import all the pictures that I had deleted on my iPad. So, all those pics would need to be rejected once again. Not fun.

This must be a very local issue to my setup but I never managed to resolve it although I submitted this issue on the Apple support forum.

So, yes, the end-to-end workflow was completed.

A little more tedious than I hoped for but nevertheless workable. These limitations are not all Photosmith’s fault due to limitations from the iPad API.

Here’s the workflow that I used:

  1. Import photos in the iPad,s Photo app with the Camera Connector Kit (CCK);
  2. Open Photosmith and import photos (note that just a thumbnail is created while the full RAW file stays in the Photo app);
  3. In Photosmith, reject pictures, apply ratings, add keywords and create Collections (Lightroom style albums);
  4. Connect iPad to Mac (or PC) and, using Lightroom, import pictures (this method allows you to leverage LR’s powerful import function);
  5. After import and while the iPad is still connected, launch the Photosmith and click on the Sync button;
  6. From LR, launch the (previously downloaded and installed) Photosmith plugin to sync metadata (rating, keywords) and Collections;
  7. Back in the iPad Photo app, delete Last Imported album;
  8. Photosmith will (should actually) detect deleted photos and erase its thumbnails.
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4 Responses to Photosmith app for iPad: first impressions

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  3. Jez says:

    “first impressions”, where are they ?

    4. Which method ?? How ?? I tried this and my computer hangs, Lightroom 3 or 4 doesn’t go smoothly in this regard for me (are you talking about the ‘advanced’ method of importing your images into Lightroom) ??

    Okay, now I understand your workflow – and I thank you for sharing. I only wished step 4 worked for me…..then your workflow would suit me perfectly as well. (I DON’T want to import my images wirelessly which if I try using the Plug-in manager in Lightroom and fire up Photosmith, that is what it’ll do).

  4. maximegousse says:

    Jez, fair enough, not many “first impressions” here … LOL

    Have you tried the “advanced import” method? That’s the one that works for me.

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