A night at the ball game

The other night, I went to the local baseball field to watch an amateur softball game.

I stayed passed first base, mostly, but also by the dog-out near the home plate.

I had learned from Zanna that I needed to have a shutter speed 1/500s or faster in order to shoot sports action.

Unfortunately my Nikon 18-200 VR II f/3.5-5.6 opens at f/5.6 at the focal length required to get a good cropping.

I also brought my Sigma 150-500 OS f/5.6-6.3, but without the much needed light, the aperture is way too small to capture anything.

Way too slow for any of these lenses. That’s four stops slower than what a 70-200 VR II f/2.8 could give me.

I had to crank the ISO way up, way up at 6400. Way beyond the comfort zone of my Nikon D90.

Some good shots, nevertheless. Thanks to high speed repeat rate – those Class 10 SD cards sure help. And thanks to noise reduction in Lightroom, some of them are actually decent.

I like this one where the first base coach watches over his player at home plate. It tells a story as opposed to the next one without the coach.

Softball Juillet 2011-5.jpg

Softball Juillet 2011-58.jpg

This one is somewhat misframed but you can see the runner’s disappointment in knowing that he is out.

Softball Juillet 2011-38.jpg

I like this crop of the pitcher. From where I was in the player’s dogout, I could get a view of his action.

Softball Juillet 2011-43.jpg

Speaking of action, because this is what I was seeking to shoot, this next one is interesting. It’s cropped quite a bit and I intentionally created the empty space ahead of the batter as he prepares his run. The quality is marginal, the action is fun.

Softball Juillet 2011-32.jpg

The last pic I wanted to share is the one of the first base coach. The emptiness of the bleachers add to the loneliness of the coach as he ponders the next inning’s game plan.

Softball Juillet 2011-62.jpg

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