My Italian vacation: a photographer’s recap

In May, my spouse and I went on a three weeks trip to Italy (mostly) and France. We were celebrating a number of things, but most importantly, her 40th birthday. Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Burgundy and Paris. Quite a trip, I know.

This story has already been posted in seven parts.

I thought that it would be interesting to present it here again in once piece, sort of.


This post is sort of a “thinking out loud” gears preparation written quite a few weeks before our departure. It discusses which lens I wanted to bring, in what bag and what was my “storage strategy”.

Prelude live from Venice

While I was in Venice, I took the time to write this first post. Very early impressions “live” from the scene. It was the only post directly from the field – further live action moved to Facebook (see last post). Already, there I made two key discoveries: to under expose and that I would use my wide angle much more than I had expected.

Settings and Techniques Part I

In this part one of two of camera settings and composition techniques, I talk about how I dealt with the harsh sun (lucky us we had only a single rainy day) and how I took some night photography shots.

Settings and Techniques Part II

Part two, talks more about everyday settings of how to take pictures without warning and other techniques like church photography.


In the lenses chapter, I speak a lot about my Sigma 8-16mm UWA lens I bought especially for this trip and how I was surprised to use it so often.

Composition Part I

In this other two part chapter, I discuss various classical composition techniques I applied such as “frame within the frame”, “triangles” and others. This is probably one of my favorite post in the lot.

Composition Part II

In part two, light and shadows compositions are discussed with some of my favorite pics.

Travel Applications and Workflow On The Go

The last section is devoted to various gadgets I used while traveling, like GPS, iPhone, iPad, etc. After all, I am a geek at heart. I also speak of the mobile workflow: from import to posting on Facebook.

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