Adobe Carousel and Mad Men

A thought came to me yesterday after I published the first look on the Adobe Carousel: Mad Men!

Those that have seen the TV Series Mad Men will recall in the first season the “Carousel” episode.

In it, Don Draper (the main character) has to come up with a campaign for the new Kodak photography “circular apparatus” that will change the way people will see their photo slides.

He comes up with this word to name the device: Carousel. As in a carousel with horses that children ride upon in town fairs and amusement parks, as in a carousel where the memories of your children are displayed. A very powerful image.

My point here is not so much a parallel with photography (although that kind of plays nicely in this story) but more with “mad men” (lower case).

Mad men as in crazy people!

I understand that Adobe wants to shift from a product revenue model to a service revenue model (after all, I work for a telco where we bill our customers on a monthly basis). Note that they are also doing the same thing with Adobe Muse, their upcoming HTML 5 authoring tool.

Good old (or “good new”!) SaaS, software as a service.

Where I disagree is with paying a monthly or yearly fee to allow me sync pictures between my iMac and iPad. $60 the first year, $100 the next!

I pay a yearly fee to Back Blaze for online backup. I see value in this. Syncing pictures with Lightroom? Not sure.

Sure, Adobe Carousel allows me to do more than syncing photographs; it allows me to edit them wherever I am. Cool, surely!

Comparisons as well as pros and cons will have to be made with the free iCloud service that Apple will soon launch with iOS 5.

Only then will I be able to provide a more detailed opinion.

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6 Responses to Adobe Carousel and Mad Men

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  4. Aaron says:

    I’m actually looking at Revel right now as well – 5.99 a month is what I’m seeing. Not sure if it’s worth it and whether or not I really will use it. How does it integrate with Lightroom? Will it read RAW files? Lots of unanswered questions for me!

  5. maximegousse says:

    Does not read REAW files – or so last time I looked at it. Please let us know here. Maybe you would be interested in posting a guest blog post?

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