Wildlife photography in East Africa

As my wife knows (and actually I should add, under her subtle influence), I am planning a South Africa photo safari for my 50th birthday.

The good news: I still have a few years to plan!

The bad news: you will have to hear me for a few more years talking about this :-).

I wrote “South Africa”, maybe I should have written “Southern Africa” because I actually do not know in which country I will go to.

(Oh, yes, I will go to RSA, that will be for wines and for Cape Town – but that’s another story altogether).

Uwe Skrzypczak wrote this great piece on DPreview.com.

The second to last paragraph warns me of the endeavor that I am getting into:

As you might have guessed from that list of equipment, wildlife photography is, unfortunately, one of the most expensive genres there is, and the combination of expensive gear and high travel costs are enough to put off even the most determined photographer.

Wildlife photography in East Africa: Digital Photography Review.

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