Exporting pics from Lightroom to iPad

I recently posted a question on the Lightroom Forums asking how to export pictures from LR to my iPad.

I was sort of confused.

Having only recently switched from Aperture, I was delaying as long as possible the day when I needed to “switch” my publishing method.

Aperture, iTunes and iPad all coming from the same guy gives this trio sort of an edge over Lightroom… or so I thought!

LR has this easy to setup hard disk publishing service. I have set it up so that it publishes photos under /<User>/Images/iPad/.

Once setup, in LR you can create smart albums (or standard static ones if you wish) that will be published under that directory.

Then in iTunes, instead of asking it to sync with Aperture, you tell it to sync with the above configured directory.


But you must watch this video on Adobe TV to get all the details right.

But the coooool thing about asking questions on forums is that you get tons of new avenues to explore.

First I land on this great LR blog by John Beardsworth. Check out his plug-ins collection and his “punch the sky” preset among others.

Oh, and he also has a Apple TV publishing service (see the LRforums.net thread above for the link).

On Beardsworth blog (I have not met him so I refrain from calling him ‘John’) he also provides a link on Adobe TV to instruct you how to publish a PDF portfolio to your iPad; a story by Russel Brown.

We are entering some very creative space here. I like this.

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