Sharing your pictures online and across all your devices

One of the reasons I take photographs as an enthusiast is to share them.

Share them with friends and family who requested to see them, share them with my wife and myself as digital souvenir albums or share them just to brag about them ;-).

I share them to the 3 iDevices we have in the family (for souvenir albums and to “brag about”), on Facebook (for friends and family), on Dropbox (for higher resolution and for some paid-for photo shoots I do), on Flickr (for the pics that I share here on my blog) and on my personal web site with iWeb.

That makes for a complicated workflow.

All that is about to change. To what, I do not know yet!

There are a number of upcoming alternatives that will fight it out to grab some market share. (And one free one that I already use).

Apple fans (me!) know that the soon to be released iOS 5 will include a feature called iCloud. Very promising. But will it work with Lightroom?

Speaking of LR, Adobe has announced Adobe Carousel. Very promising as well and I am excited to see the ability to edit yours pics anywhere. This could be my long sought for mobile workflow tool. But at $60 a year subscription, I might pass, thinking that Adobe must be mad men.

Speaking of Carousel, there is also Photo Carousel  by Tap-It Labs.

It is free and does a very simple thing: it syncs your Flickr albums to your iPad, thus simplifying your workflow and reducing the number of “destinations” or sites used to publish your stuff.

Then enters a new player: Everpix.

This TechCrunch Disrupt finalist is even more promising. It has a long list of features, so please read the TechCrunch post.

Everpix has a lot of potential.

Obviously you will here from me on the blog about future developments.

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