Pet photography

I love dogs. To my wife dismay actually.

You see, she is the dog lover in the family.

When I met her, she had a dog, Brandy, and when she moved in my place, the dog came along, of course. Although she might dispute the “of course” part…

Our next dog, Bidule, was a great training partner for my marathon. She died before the race (not that she would have ran the 42 km with me) . I also  injured myself and could not compete.

I wrote that story too, prior to blogging about photography. But that one is in French. I can send you a copy if you leave a comment below.

Our third dog, Bahia, has decided that I am “it”, like the best thing in life :). We run together and she follows me everywhere in the house.

Readers of my blog know that not only do I love photography, I also like reading (and writing) about it.

It was there natural for me to have bought this book: Phodography: How to get Great Pictures of your Dog.

You will find below a few pics I took of her, including one where I used her as a model to practice my portrait photography lighting.

Al this intro to share with you this link: Puppy Love on the blog.

Bahia, the portrait photography modelBahia, the portrait photography model

Bahia and her "boyfriend" ElliotBahia and her “boyfriend” Elliot

Bahia the cross country skierBahia the cross country skier

Bahia, the beach queenBahia, the beach queen

Bahia, the water dog that she really isBahia, the water dog that she really is

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2 Responses to Pet photography

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  2. Jeff says:

    Last one is really nice Max.

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