Creating your wedding photo book

A while back, I started blogging about wedding photography.

Not so much that I was getting in the business of it (although I did offer my services for free on a local blog without much success), but more to the point that I and Sylvie were getting married (and are since).

So, what comes after wedding pictures?

The wedding album, of course!

After looking at a number of solutions and after having used ShutterFly for a first few projects, I decided to dust off Aperture and use its rich book creation capabilities.

Although the book is far from over, I can only say positive things about using Aperture as book layout tool.

This being said, I wanted to point out a couple of new offerings that looked promising.

The first one is from ubyu (yes, I know, all lowercase).

It is targeted as an “advanced online service for anyone wishing to create and publish their own high quality books”. You can use their software, but the real action is with the Adobe inDesign templates. Hot stuff.

The other is called SWAT (this time all uppercase!).

SWAT as in “Simple Wedding Album Tool”. This one is aimed for the rest of us, not the Adobe guru. Check out their video, real simple.

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