Why do I take pictures

I have recently encountered a number of situations where I had to explain why (or how) I came to photography.

Well first and foremost, I must admit that I am a geek. I love tech toys. I have to have them all (and I even have been criticized that my blog talks too much about gears).

Don’t they say that the difference between boys and men is the price of their “toys”.

I also have the opportunity to travel some, not as much as before when a lot of it was paid for me, but enough to recognize that I am fortunate enough to be able to afford it as with our recent trip to Italy.

Photographs of these travels fuel my memories. And memories are the proof of life after life, the only real eternity.

I also like to walk (and jog – but that can’t easily be combined with taking pictures).

I walk alone, with my wife or with our dog. Walking, enjoying the surroundings, going places around my home town are all opportunities that are easily combined with photography.

Being a geek, I take good care in cataloging my pictures, tagging them, geocoding them, creating smart albums to show all pics of my loved ones and even creating collections of parks, fountains, dogs, etc… I must have inherited this collecting habit from my father who loves collecting stamps.

You can read about my workflow here.

I am also very visual, probably because I have a very good eyesight (like I am able to read street signs blocks away).

On the flip side, I am hard of hearing. Very much so. Like 30%. So, I rely on what I have.

Maybe because of this hearing difficulty, or maybe because of my impatience, I know that photography can help me become a better listener. Photography will teach me to “listen” to what is the image, what the scene has to say as a “story” and if I get it right I will be able to tell this story.

Zanna, a photographer I met recently, has taught me the basis of telling a story.

Listening will help me understand the world around me.

To respect my surrounding, to acknowledge its beauty, and sometimes its misery.

But maybe I take pictures for one simple deep down reason: to learn.

To learn of my surroundings, to learn the world around me and to learn how to become a person by listening and by understanding.

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