The Showdown: Aperture Vs. Lightroom

A lot has been said on this subject. I just posted an entry on the subject. I thought that I should add more to the debate!

Rick Ellis | Journal | The Showdown: Aperture Vs. Lightroom.

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One Response to The Showdown: Aperture Vs. Lightroom

  1. Vincent F says:

    For me the “pluses” of Aperture in the adjustments department are vastly overcome by the Nik plugins that I use in Lightroom, so there is no debate for me there.

    And instead of loosing time trying to find what’s missing or what is THE best software/solution – there is no such things anyway – I try to make the best from what I have. As the say goes “you can either look at the glass half empty or half full” its up to you.

    But many people seems to suffer of high anxiety regarding choices they make.

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