Shot List App for iPhone

I recently created a list of portrait shots so that I can show them to my clients. Sort of like a catalog clients can pick from.

I am using Evernote to manage this. It’s fairly simple and what is missing from this is the technical requirements to perform that shot: lighting, background, lens settings, etc.

I also keep a list of shots (or shoots) I want to make. Also in Evernote. Like my next one is downtown Montréal at night.

There is a new iPhone app that promises to address both these listing requirements: Shotlist Assist.

What is apparently nice with this app is that you can add technical details of shots you have made, including the lighting diagram. It has a built-in editor to let you draw it right from the iPhone. No need to go to

As for shots you want to take in the future, you can use the iPhone’s camera to take, for example, a picture from a magazine or a scene on a street that you like, and save it as an example of what you eventually want to take.

My only caveats: no iPad app yet and the video demo makes the application look complex to use (but I am sure that it is only an issue with the way the video is done).

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2 Responses to Shot List App for iPhone

  1. knudsens says:

    Im going to try this out myself.

  2. react1200 says:

    Well I have updated Shotlist Assist for iphone/ipad. It has a whole new interface. Here are some of the new features:

    – new logical interface
    – help screens
    – new lighting icons
    – ability to attach photos to diagram
    – ability to email lighting diagram only images
    – lighting diagram will display icon names when icon is selected

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