Bets of 2011: March

My month of March selection for “best of” is another of my favorite (well, they probably all are LOL).

They say in hockey that a good goaltender makes his own luck. It must be what happened to me with this shot.

On weekends, in the morning, I often go to a small wooden area that is about two blocks away from my house. The Boisé St-Suplice is small “forest” that was kept free of condos and other urban constructions dating back to the origins of the city.

I go there not because it is the best place to photograph birds, but because it is the nearest and because I need to walk my dog in the morning.

So on that March morning, I found this hawk, a rough-legged hawk I believe.

The early bird gets the worm… or the early photographer gets the bird ;-).
Boisé St-Sulpice Mars 2011- 114.jpg

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