Mirror mirror on the wall

I have started this new class with Linda Rutenberg entitled: “Mirror mirror on the wall”

I had much enjoyed her first class about composition.

Here’s how she positioned this new class:

What does it represent to you? For some it is a reflection of who you are, for others it is a distortion of themselves. Historically it has been seen as a window into the supernatural or a look into the future. It is magical, paradoxical, voyeuristic and full of superstition…

In this workshop we will explore all the facets of these ideas through our personal interpretations of mirrors ands their significance..

The first exercise consisted of taking self portraits. Of course you have to be in front of a mirror.

I am happy about the results, and I am really happy how I used all my “toys” to make it happen: tripod, timer, Eye-Fi card and iPad.

My Nikon D90 was installed on a tripod behind me in my small bathroom – there barely was any room for me to stand behind in order to properly frame.

Not wanting (and not really being able) to move back and forth, I use the remote control and the Eye-Fi direct mode to send small JPG pictures to my iPad using the ShutterSnitch app. It was a great way to see each picture and recompose as required.

Here is a sample of that session.

Miroir miroir Janvier 2012-34.jpg

Miroir miroir Janvier 2012-44.jpg

I liked this last one enough to make a crop and use it as my blog new banner picture.

Miroir miroir Janvier 2012-70.jpg

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2 Responses to Mirror mirror on the wall

  1. xandimusic says:

    Haha, great effect Maxime, very nice!!
    Great work!

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