Just say NO to manual mode? To that I say no!

Politics generates heated debate; sports as well.

I did not know that this article by Graystar on dpreview.com could amass so many replies – and negative ones – in sunch a short time.

I applaud the fact that the author takes a stand and a somewhat controversial one too, considering the audience that dpreview targets: enthusiasts and pros.

To the auto mode, I say no!

When set in automatic mode, the computer inside your camera looks at the scene and compares it with a library of thousands and thousands of other scenes it has stored inside its memory in order to assess the type of scene it is looking at: a  portrait, a landscape, a sport scene, a night shot, etc. It also is trying to figure out where is your subject, that “thing” that you are trying to take a picture of.

Based on this information and using the exposure triangle rule, it will set what it thinks is the best aperture, speed and ISO plus it will focus on what it thinks is the subject. Oh, if it doesn’t quite like what it sees, it will pop-up the flash for good measure.

Bad, bad and bad.

“Just say NO to manual mode!”: Open Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review.

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