More on Photosmith 2.0

My blog followers know that I had been looking for quite some time at a mobile version of Aperture for my iPad. So much so that I actually switched over to Lightroom, of all things.

Of the many reasons I did so, Photosmith was one of them.

At the time, v1.0 was OK. It did what it had to do, with some workarounds, limitations due to the iPad API itself and limited capabilities of my iPad 1 and a few bugs here and there.

But it worked. Actually, it was more reliable then importing a large number of photos into Aperture, a process that would always time out on me.

The latest news we get from the folks at C2, makers of Photosmith, is about the in depth rework of the keywording feature.

For me, keywording is big; it is an essential part of my workflow. Even more so actually since I switched to LR as I was relying too much of Aperture’s Faces feature which has its limitations.

Keywording on the go is a time saver. Photosmith 2.0 promises to be a winner in this respect.

Can’t wait 🙂

Meet v2.0: Keywording revisited.

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