Comparing Benro and Sirui travel tripods

I wanted to share some more thoughts on my Benro Travel Angel tripod and the Sirui T-1205X that my good buddy Jeff has.

The Sirui is lighter and smaller once folded. I do not know if it is as high as my Benro, which is high enough to use as a portrait tripod.

An advantage of the Benro Travel Angel is that its integrated monopod option. Not something that particular Sirui model has.

I do however have two things that I do not like about the Benro.

I am not too sure that I am a fan of twist legs lock mechanism and I wonder if I would prefer the clip style lock instead. The thing with twist is that I never seem to remember which side it is to unlock them. Maybe I’ll get it one day…

Also, although I wanted a ball head, I am not a fan of the B1 head on then Benro… nor am I a fan of the head that came with my friend’s tripod. Same style.

The issue is that the 3 dials are too small to easily handle with gloves on. Furthermore, when I can not figure out which dial allows me to pan the camera from left to right, when I pan and the head is still too tight, it is the plate screwed to the camera that gives and loosens requiring me to tighten the screw once again.

My advice? The Benro might be it for you, but do buy that in a store, not on the Net. If you plan to use gloves as I do here in Montreal, try the ball head with them on!

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