iCloud and Lightroom integration with PhotoStream2Folder

For those that have read the Steve Jobs bio, you know that the rift between Apple and Adobe dates way before the Adobe Flash and iPad “debate”. It actually goes as far as when Adobe launched its first 64bits version of Photoshop … on Windows.

At the time Steve Jobs was livid over the fact that Apple had helped Adobe quite a bit by heavily promoting its application on the Mac.

So, it is no surprise to see that Adobe has launched a sort-of competitor to iCloud Photostream: Adobe Revel. Technically speaking, Revel is not an iCloud competitor; it is more the subscription that is the basis of this service that is the competitor.

Like iCloud, it’s not perfect. However, I am still trying to figure out the value of the $99 a year service while iCloud, Dropbox and many others are free.

I recently came across this nifty little Swiss company (or person actually!) that has created a Mac OS utility called PhotoStream2Folder.

It does just that and does it well. It downloads all pics from the iCloud stream onto a folder of your choice on your hard disk. This way, all the pics you take with your iPhone or iPad and “auto-magically” downloaded!

You can then set Lightroom or even Dropbox to “pick it up” and automatically import downloaded pictures.

If you have a Mac and are using Lightroom, get this! And, and please donate to Laurent for his great work.

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3 Responses to iCloud and Lightroom integration with PhotoStream2Folder

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  2. Rob says:

    This looks great as far as I can tell, but is there a setup guide for dummies? I can’t figure it out. I kind of had it working for a moment, but integration with Lightroom is just not happening for me. I feel like I have it setup correctly now, but I guess since I already scanned once, it’s not finding anything new? It’s saying “Amount of Pictures: 0”.

  3. Rob says:

    Follow up, I do have it configured correctly now. But the problem is, I cannot get it to reimport the older pics. Is there a way to reset the time?

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