Dropbox integrates with iPhone – soon

If you often read my blog you know that I am somewhat a geek – specifically for things that revolve around photography and iOS devices.

I often ranted about Adobe Revel and their preposterous $99 per year subscription model. I do not get it especially when free services like iCloud and Dropbox exist.

Then again, the iCloud Photostream has its limitations – for one, you can not delete files on your stream! Thank you to one little app called PhotoStream2Folder to make it more useful.

The thing is that I currently have 14MB of free storage on Dropbox. Sure, I had to build it up over time through referrals. And anyone can do that by starting here.

Now, the real killer, the one-two punch, is a new app that Dropbox is working on to enable automatic upload of pictures from your iDevices.

With all these technology advancements, I am getting closer to my dreamed mobile photography workflow.

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2 Responses to Dropbox integrates with iPhone – soon

  1. Geoff Davis says:

    Thanks to this post I’ve begun to play with Dropbox. I’ve limited computer access and don’t want to leave my files on my work computer. I also move images from iphone to laptop and back. It’s brilliant! Thank you! (My daughter tried to get me interested two years ago and I saw no need. The things we could learn from our kids!)

  2. maximegousse says:

    I know it is scary. It is a good thing that I am still ahead of my own daughter … in most places. She rocks in Photoshop while I still ask myself wtf is PS! LOL

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