The New iPad

In no particular order here are my first impressions:

  • New name: “The new iPad”. Somewhat confusing. Should we rebrand the iPad 2 as “The Old iPad”?
  • iPhoto for iPad: Just another Photogene. Yeah, sure, it is well presented, but no synching with desktop iPhoto or Aperture.
  • Retina display: Pretty cool. Lots of potential for future photo apps.
  • Same format: Fair enough. Old smart covers will still work with it.
  • iSight camera: Got to try it first. I am still not convinced that the iPad has the ideal form factor to take pictures. I prefer the iPhone’s.
  • A5X CPU: Powerful. Coupled with the new retina display, it provides great potential for future apps, hopefully a few good photography ones.
  • LTE: I bought a 3G iPad 1 (er, sorry “The old old iPad”) with 3G. Although it was very useful in Italy, I am not sure that I would spend $150 extra for the 4G unit.

Will I get one? Wow, I really do not know…

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