My take on the new iPad

So, I had 24 hours to look into the new iPad.

Already a lot is being said about the name: The new iPad. If we look back at previous names of other Apple computer products (iMac, Macbook, etc) you notice that they do not have “numbers” or suffix like “iPad HD” (well, there is the Macbook Air).

I am no analyst of Apple, but what it tells me is that the iPad is now part of the “computer” line-up rather than the “consumer” line-up like the iPhone. Of course I could be proven wrong when Apple launches this fall “The New iPhone”…

The retina display and the new “4X” graphics processor unit (GPU) did not impress me that much. Sure it is faster and better than the iPad 1 I own. But how fast do you want to me read my eBook or surf the web?

The camera is better too. But with iCloud Photostream, I am quite happy with taking a picture from my iPhone 4 and having it appear on my iPad a few moments later. And who wants to hold a big and expensive iPad up in the air to take a pic?

4G LTE? Again faster. But honestly, since my Italy trip last summer, I have not used the 3G on my iPad.

Sure, I would like a new iPad. It would be a 64GB WiFi only. I would even go for a 128GB if it were available.

But until a killer app like a true mobile version of Lightroom (tagging, rating and limited editing all synched with LR4), I think that I will hold… and save my money for the rumored Nikon D400 (or is it the D8000?).

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