The iPad for Photographers: Book preview

You guys follow my blog on photography. You also know that I am an iPad geek as well.

When I saw this book title, The iPad for Photographers by Jeff Carlson, it obviously got my attention.

I did not read this book. Well, it is not yet available. I did scan its table of contents however.

It covers a whole lot of stuff; a whole lot of stuff that has been discussed here on my blog and on a number of other blogs.

It has a good round up of apps like Photosmith for Lightroom, Pixelsync for Aperture, Shuttersnitch for the Eye-Fi SD card and a couple of image editing apps like Photogene. I also like how the authord divided the chapters into “On Location” and “In the studio”.

If you are new to the iPad as a photographer’s tool, you should be interested in this book.

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5 Responses to The iPad for Photographers: Book preview

  1. Coming East says:

    I’d be interested in reading that book when it comes out. I just bought the camera connection for my iPad, and it works great. However, when I attempt to upload a picture from my iPad photos to my blog post, it doesn’t work. Why would it work on my Mac but not on my iPad?

  2. maximegousse says:


    I too have yet to figure out how to upload to WordPress. There is an official WP app in the appstore. I use it to post and I think that it can upload pics.
    However, I prefer to first upload to Flickr, the copy/paste the pic URL into the my post.
    Read some of my posts the above mentionned subjects (follow the links) maybe you can get a head start … and save a couple of bucks too 🙂

    Thanks for reading



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