Mobile version of Lightroom (redux)

I have a good number of blog posts that are sitting in my drafts folder in Evernote. Posts like “Shooting a rock concert”, “Syncing time capture across different cameras in Lightroom”, “Review of my new Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 lens”. I will get to these soon.

But I wanted to share on a topic that I believe is “in the news”: the use of the (New) iPad as a photographer’s tool.

A number of recent events are making this topic hot once more. Obviously the launch of the New iPad is at the heart of all with its new retina display, faster processor and increased RAM.

The launch of iOS 5, with its iCloud photostream and the release of iPhoto for iPad add to the buzz surrounding the use of the tablet for photographers.

There also was this new book, The iPad for Photographers, announced on Amazon to be published soon.

The last straw that is added to the mix is the imminent launch of Photosmith 2.0.

Photosmith is, to my knowledge, the closest thing that exist to a mobile version of Lightroom. I wrote about a mobile version of Aperture a long time ago. That post actually sits in the Top 10 of all times on my blog.

Aperture or Lightroom, same difference.

The basic qualities I had outlined for a mobile version of digital asset manager were:

  • Album (collections) creation
  • Pruning and rating pictures
  • Tagging with synchronized keywords
  • Geotagging of pictures on import based on current location
  • Synching back to Lightroom / Aperture

Photosmith does pretty much all of this, with the exception of geotagging (too bad) and the fact that it works only with Lightroom (not a problem for me since I switched from AP to LR).

So, Photosmith (and to some degree Pixelsync for Aperture) are great first generation products. What should be a next generation product?

There exist a number of good photo / image editing softwares for the iPad. I have reviewed Photogene here. You can view a list of many others here. There is also this raving review of iPhoto here on MacLife.

However, none come close enough to deserve being called a true mobile version of Lightroom or Aperture.

In my opinion, the following features would be required:

  • Have non destructive edits to perform minor to medium post processing such as crop, white balance, saturation, denoise
  • Synchronize edits history with Lightroom or Aperture in order to finalizing editing on iMac (or PC if you insist)
  • Cloud sync (such as Dropbox, iCloud or whatever works for you) would be nice too so that all photos and any work done on them synchornizes overs the cloud to my iMac at home

I got my first wish.Well, close enough. Maybe I will get this one too!

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