Why I might switch away from Flickr

I like Flickr. I know that this blog post’s title is somewhat misleading. I meant the title to be catchy :-P.

To get things straight, I will not leave Flickr. I like Flickr as a way to share a large library of pictures. It makes a nice slide show and it is fun to get pic comments from other Flickr users. Also, it is much simpler to create a library of pictures in Flickr than with iWeb if I want to publish on my personal web site.

But I will no longer use Flickr as my source to post pics here on my blog. My biggest complaint is the fact that whenever I update a given picture in Lightroom and that I republish it, the Flickr URL link that I used to reference a picture on my blog gets broken. This forces me to edit the post that uses that republished picture. This is difficult to keep track of.

The tech support folks at Flickr tried to convince me that this was on purpose for some “security” measure. Pleassssssssse, I know a thing or two about computing. What security breach is there in updating a picture? Picture copyrights? Maybe, just maybe.

Whatever the reason, I do not like it.

So, I am looking for a new method to share pics from Lightroom to the web so that I can link them on my blog.

My options going forward are the following:


There exists eight or so online pic sharing sites that were all compared in this blog post.

Of them all, the one that I think has the best chances of really replacing Flickr for me is 500px.com. They just announced a new price plan that is more competitive that Flickr’s Pro plan. The strange thing is that 500px was not reviewed in those that were in the post above.

I might not go with any of them – at least not for my blog that is.

I think that I will go with Dropbox after all. What got me thinking about this, beyond the ‘issue’ with Flickr, was a recent announcement from Dropbox about its new file linking feature.

Dropbox now allows linking individual files rather than complete folders. It used to be (and still is) that one had to drop files in the Public folder or explicitly share a given folder.

This new feature provides much need granularity.

But as I write this post, I realize to my dismay that the new Dropbox linking feature does not help me – not at all – and that the feature that I really wanted was there all along!

You see, the new linking feature is aimed at being “human friendly” and at providing a nice looking pages. I am sure that it is also aimed at driving traffic to Dropbox.com in order to increase its membership – and this is just good business.

No, what I needed was the bare bones ability to provide a URL to a JPG file. And Dropbox has been providing that for quite some times now with its Public folder. Public folders are literally public to anyone who have the link.

As I write my posts in WordPress, this public URL to my images is exactly what I needed.

And if I want to take a pic on my iPhone or iPad and blog about it from a mobile platform, that would also work for me.

The other reason why I am “switching” to Dropbox is that its sharing workflow works for me. From Lightroom to Dropbox through a hard disk publishing service. Click to publish. Lightroom then opens the Finder (or Windows) folder. I right-click on the file and select the Dropbox/Copy Public Link command. Period.

I set my LR publishing parameters to publish pics sizes of 640 x 640 at a 120 resolution with my MaxPhotoBlog.net signature. I create a smart folder to publish all pics with the “Dropbox” tag and, voila.

Next time, I want to publish a pic on my blog, all I need to do is to tag it with the “Dropbox” keyword and publish it.

This picture is an example of the end result. But while I am at it, I might as well speak of it a little… It is a close of the entrance sign of the Taz, the local skateboard park.

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