Capturing History in Washington DC: Introduction (1 of 12)


Earlier this summer, my wife and I visited Washington DC.

It had been a while since we both wanted to go, but life events made it so that we had to delay our plans.

After Italy last year, the enthusiast photographer that I am could not be more excited: museums, historical landmarks, architectural marvels and … the Air and Space museum!

Travel photography is something I really really enjoy. It blends so many things that I like: visiting amazing places, spending time with my wife and … taking pictures.

Travel photography is really about telling a story from your point of view, obviously, but also from the point of view of the viewer, the people with whom you are sharing the pictures. They have to understand where you have been and what your intent was when taking such or such picture.

You can read the full story “Capturing History in Washington DC” by clicking on these links:
1. Introduction     2. Gear Preparation     3. Lincoln Memorial
4. Catching Light     5. Working on Composition     6. Capturing Details
7. Working the Magic     8. Going Wide     9. Air and Space Museum – Heaven and Hell
10. Touched by History     11. Telling a New Story     12. Conclusion

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