First thoughts on the new Nikon D600

Digital Photography Review just posted this preview of the new D600.

Wow, oh so tempting.

I own a venerable D90. I held out when the D7000 came out. Although it was a major step above what I had, I decided to wait for the … D400.

The rumored (much rumored?) D400 was to replace the D300s, the high end cropped sensor from Nikon.

It appears that Nikon likes the D7000 and won’t change it, or at least not by much when they do. They may introduce a D7100, like they did when they upgraded the D3000 and the D5000.

For me the D600 is like a surprise. Not one like I got totally blind sided because so many rumors were circulating on the Net about its pending arrival.

No, the the D600 is a surprise because it “forces” me to think full frame. Not a bad thing.

I already own a Fx format lens, the incredible Nikon 24-70 f/2.8. My other lenses are Dx, but Nikon thought about that with the  D600’s Dx compatibility mode. Well done.

Do I want it? Yes!

Am I ready? Probably!

Do I have the C$2,100 (plus $350 for battery grip)? Nope!

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