How I use Evernote as a photographer and as a blogger

As a reader of my blog, or any other WordPress blogs for that matter, you may have noticed the “keywords tag cloud” to the right of this text. It allows you to get a list of blog articles by tags, or keywords. The bigger the tag, the more stories their are related to it.

One of the smaller tags is called “Evernote“.

Evernote is one of the best note taking apps there exists out there. Scratch that, it is simply the best, wether you use it on you desktop, your iPad, your iPhone or online.

It has been a while since I wanted to share with you how I use Evernote as a photographer and as a blogger.

Actually, this topic has been sitting in my draft Evernote folder since November 2011!

First of, as a blogger, as I just mentioned, I write all my drafts with it on my iPad. Sure, WordPress has an app on the iPad and the iPhone. I just like how Evernote has become my hub for all that there is about taking typed notes – not just blogging notes.

Of the many Evernote add-ons available in the Evernote Trunk, the web clipper bookmarklet is my favourite. It allows me to “surf and clip”. On the many blogs that I read, I often find interesting things that I want to share. I keep a copy of it by “clipping” it into an Evernote notebook.

Although Evernote offers native add-ons for each browser, I still use the basic and less feature-rich bookmarklet as it is the only that I can use to clip from my iPad as I browse.

Then, as a photographer, I find that I have lots of additional use for Evernote.

For example, I use it to keep track of the shots I want to take and the places where I want to shoot – my bucket list. I like how I can bring up Evernote anywhere I am, jolt down the quick thought that just crossed my mind and move on to whatever else I was doing.

As I scout for locations, I use Evernote to take the picture. I save it to my Bucket notebook and I get the added benefit that the iPhone adds the accurate GPS coordinates.

It is also in Evernote that I keep a copy of the standard emails that I send to prospective photography customers. It is readily accessible and I just need to copy it and to paste it in the email body.

Once I get a contract, I use another Evernote note to discuss with my clients their preferred shot list from a collection I have kept on my iPad. In other words, it is my personal pose guide. Giving my models a visual example helps them visualize what they like and helps me direct them to achieve the desired pose.

Similarly, I have also used a note to select which shots to take at a recent wedding contract I had. The bride and I were able to discuss which shots she wanted, so I excluded those not required (or not relevant to the situation) and I used Evernote’s check-box feature to tick which shots I had taken as I went along.

I use Evernote for tons of other things – but these use cases are off topic.

In closing, I have Googled these two other posts (here and here) of photographers that also use Evernote in their everyday life.

So, get Evernote. Now :-).

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