A new professional life, many new projects and so much emotions

It has been a while since I posted a story about a recent photoshoot or a personal thought on some technology that has caught my eye (like Apple Aperture is not dead – but this post is another story).

What has kept me busy and prevented me from taking the time to post? A complete career change.

After a number of years of taking pictures as an enthusiast, I decided to go pro. Yep. Oh sure, I still do the occasional marketing contract to keep me afloat, but most of my time is now devoted to photography.

You can visit my web site at MaximeGoussePhoto.com.

Each day, I either do a photo session, I talk to some prospective customer or I plan my next marketing campaign and promotion.

Speaking of marketing, strangely enough, although it is my trade and experience over the past 20 years, it is my wife that has come up with the best ideas to promote my trade. For example, she came up with the idea of doing an open house photo studio LINK, selling Christmas cards at a local craft fair or linking up with some interesting partners.

Ok, the money is not there yet, or not yet to the level I used to have as a marketer. But man, oh man, am I having fun and am I ever exhausted comes bed time.

Readers of my blog know that I take photos so  I can tell a story, the story of the people who are generous enough to share themselves in front of my camera. I take photos to capture a precious moment, and sometimes I even have the pleasure of creating a few of those moments.

But I take photos to capture the emotions that are expressed and shared.

Tonight was one of those powerful moments that keep me going and that drive me to become a better photographer. Tonight was the award night for the volunteer fund raiser of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

I have spoken before about the fact that my wife is a survivor. Today she is one of those volunteers. And tonight I was one as well, providing photographic coverage of the event.

It is a very touching honor for me to be there, to see those women (and men) fighting and winning battles.

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