Best of 2012: March

March, photographically speaking, was a creative month. ANd I had to make tough choices.

Because I decided not to use any picture that I had already published, it excluded all of the those from the set titled Shooting the Montreal underground art exposition.

The picture I took marked Québec’s history in 2012. On March 22, a crowd of 200,000 students manifested in downtown Montréal is what is referred to as the Quebec Spring.

The students were amassing right at the foot of the building where I was working at the time (that is before I changed career).

It was my first time taking pictures of a very large crowd and I learned that the best picture is of he details, the little pieces that tell history.

In this case, a combination of the national flag with the red  square, the symbol of the student protest against tuition fee increases.

f/7.1, 1/500, ISO 200

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