Best of 2012: May

Like I said, April showers did bring May flowers.

Earlier in the month of May, my daughter and I took pictures of a young bird that must have felt from its nest and had an injured wing, maybe broken.

This prevented the bird from being able to fly and escape our presence. Couple this to the fact that maybe it did not yet know that humans are generally predators to its specie or that the mother was not there to tell it so.

Consequently, we were able to take pictures of my daughter and the bird real REAL close to each other.

Later that month, we encountered the same young bird, now a “teenager”, up in branch of my neighbour’s apple tree in full bloom. I was happy to learn that the bird had recovered from its injury.

Maybe the bird was by now accustomed to my presence, I do not know. But I was able to get real close to it again, this time prepared with my Sigma 150-500mm OS lens.

The pinkish background is the bokeh of the brick wall of the next building behind. It definitely adds to the composition.

Clearly this picture truly belongs in my 2012 best of.

f/8.0, 1/320, ISO 400 at 500mm

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