Best of 2012: November

By November, my new photography career was in full swing.

Book launch event, corporate photography, Breast Cancer Foundation recognition event, Cheerleading competition, first Christmas parties, and my second open house photoshoot event.

This month’s picture is taken from that second open house. But first some background.

Being born and bread in Montréal, I always make references to hockey. They say that good goaltenders make their own luck when they completely cover the goal and the attacking player hits the goal post.

I say the same thing about photographers. And this next shot is just one of these examples.

I had prepared for the shot, with the wide aperture, and I had planned for the grand-mother to be in the background. Then, I asked the baby to walk towards me.

Planned, sure, but oh man, what a shot!

f/2.8, 1/200, ISO 200 @ 40mm with Nikon 24-70mm f2/.8

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3 Responses to Best of 2012: November

  1. Yvon Dompierre says:

    …and what a beautiful baby and grand-mother too!

  2. Lise Dagenais says:

    Vraiment une photo géniale !!

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