Design Principles: A Photography Tutorial and Homage to Michael Freeman

I decided that I needed to revisit some of the best photography books I had read. And where else to start but with my first love, Michael Freeman?

In his book, The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos, he covers composition and design for better digital photos. In many ways, he guides the readers and photographers into not just taking a picture but literally into “making the picture”. After all, the words design and composition are action verbs, far from being passive forms.

I wrote last year a post about what makes a beautiful picture. The idea, the revelation actually, dawned on me after realizing what my coach, Linda Rutenberg, was asking us: to take pictures of lines, shapes, patterns and contrasts.

Michael Freeman, in his book, covers some of the same ideas, or attributes of what makes a beautiful picture from a design perspective. He goes deep and wide on pretty much every design principles there is.

In an homage to this must read book, I am publishing a series of six posts on the great lessons I learned while I read it once again.

Part I: The Frame
Part II: Design
Part III: Graphical Elements (Coming soon)
Part IV: Color And Light (Coming soon)
Part V: Intention (Coming soon)
Part VI: Process (Coming soon)

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2 Responses to Design Principles: A Photography Tutorial and Homage to Michael Freeman

  1. Freeman is excellent. A must read. I read this book but haven’t gotten around to the Photographer’s Mind yet. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf.

  2. maximegousse says:

    Me too. But reading the books again and writing about it makes it sink deeper into my “knowledge base”

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